The Story Begins

This is a story about never giving up.
As a child, I was not a prized artist. It was a struggle, and I spent more time comparing myself to others instead of focusing on the practice. About four years ago I put a pen back in my hand and went for it on paper instead of a computer. I enjoyed it again just as much as I did when I was seven years old and I drew on my freshly painted house with black crayon. It was invigorating, I don’t think my father shared my enthusiasm. It was a moment of clarity that I remember.
If you love something, really love something, don’t ever let it go. Put the pen back in your hand and work through it. They are not all gems I can promise you but when you create something you are proud of, share it.
Peppermint Land is about many things but mostly it is about creating quality products that are memorable, experiences that inspire and always drawing inspiration from nature. Stay tuned; all the goods are coming soon!